Zombies Ready Deady Go – 4 Player


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Zombies Ready, Deady, Go! is SEGA Amusements’ latest, skill-based redemption game, featuring a thrilling ball-rolling, derby-style experience. This exciting, yet compact 4-player game delivers real competition and is perfect for players of all skill levels, immersing them in a thrilling race between hilarious Zombies! Hosted by “live” TV presenter, Ken Chase, and his crazy Zombie Sidekick, Brian De’ath, this game’s quirky characters and ridiculous gameplay deliver laugh-out-loud humour that every player will enjoy. The game’s graphics and jokes are tailored to a more child-friendly audience.

At the heart of the action is a 65” screen that showcases players’ zombies and their race progress. To reach the finish line, players must skilfully roll balls into the scoring holes, each boosting the speed of their Zombie. You better make sure you don’t get left for dead! Watch out for the animated zombie mouths opening on the playfield during the final sprint… It’s your chance for the Super Bonus and glory! Tickets are awarded based on race position and ball scores. So, get Ready, get ‘Deady’ and Go!

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