Worlds Most Difficult Puzzles 2 pack – With roll up puzzle mat!


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Solved enough puzzles to think you are a puzzling pro? Looking for a bigger challenge than the standard puzzle? Cupcake Killer and Souper hard are the World’s Most Difficult Jigsaw Puzzles! What’s so tough? Each puzzle is double-sided, with the same image on each side, but one side has been turned 90 degrees. Diabolically, each piece has been cut from both directions as well. So even an expert puzzler won’t be able to tell one side from the other. If you’re ready for an ultimate extreme challenge, Killer Cupcake is the puzzle for you!

• Cupcake themed jigsaw puzzle with 500 pieces
Soup themed jigsaw puzzle with 500 pieces
• This puzzle is double-sided with the same image, but one is turned 90 degrees!
• An extreme puzzle challenge for ages 12 to adult
• Puzzles measure 15 x 15 inches when assembled
• A World’s Most Difficult Jigsaw Puzzle for the puzzle fan that needs a challenge!

This full-size puzzle felt provides a fun and worry-free way to store a finished puzzle or an unfinished project that can be finished at a later date without taking up table-top space. Every puzzle enthusiast knows how frustrating it can be attempting to move a puzzle that is in progress or once it has been fully assembled (hint…it falls apart). Assembling a jigsaw puzzle on this felt is a breeze because it is easy on the eyes which makes sorting more enjoyable. Roll up the puzzle when it needs to be protected from the cat (who likes to sit on the puzzle and scatter the pieces). The collapsible roll-up tube is made from sturdy cardboard that holds the pieces in place so when it is time to work on the puzzle again, it rolls back to its original state. The collapsible tube is preferable because when it is not being used, it stores in an 8 x 8 x 2.5 inch space-saving box. Felt board measures 36 x 30 inches and will accommodate up to 1500 pieces. WE Games brand has been dedicated to bringing the very best in puzzles and board games since 1977.

• Assemble a jigsaw puzzle on the felt mat for contrast and easier sorting – holds up to 1500 pieces or puzzles that measure up to 28 x 34 inches
• Fun and worry-free way to transport your jigsaw puzzle in progress or store your finished puzzle
• Felt prevents pieces from scattering
• Comes in an 8 x 8 x 2.5 inch box -More convenient than the typical 3 foot box
• Felt puzzle pad measures 36 x 30 inches, and includes a collapsible roll-up tube that is easy to assemble