Skill Fall


Pay Over Time


Introducing Skill Fall Revolution a stunning new, prize game from Sega Amusements International. With its striking combination of red, blue, and yellow cabinets, Skill Fall creates an irresistible visual spectacle. The vibrant LED header lighting, coupled with the modern see-through design and bright interior lighting, instantly captures players’ attention in any arcade, FEC, or bowling center. The transparent cabinet allows guests to have a clear view into the arcade, making it a versatile unit that can be placed at the entrance or serve as a captivating centerpiece.

The mesmerizing rotating prize pedestal showcases all the exciting prizes. Skill Fall offers players plenty opportunities to win. What’s more, the top of the pedestal can be utilized to prominently display featured prizes, adding an extra layer of attraction to the game.

Skill Fall’s intuitive gameplay is designed to engage players of all ages. Participants must carefully time their button press to unclip the prize and drop it into the win zone. This simple yet exhilarating mechanic ensures an enjoyable experience for everyone.

The game features a convenient front entry, allowing easy access for operators, and boasts an enormous prize storage area around the playfield thus maximize operational efficiency.

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