Fabulous 50’s Junkpile Puzzle


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  • GOLDEN ERA OF AUTOS: This 1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, Measuring 26.75 X 19.25 Inches, Commemorates The Golden Era Of The American Automobile Industry. The Richly Colored Artwork Features 50 Different Car Models From The 1950s Piled On Top Of One Another In One Glorious Junkpile.
  • DECORATIVE WALL ART: This Fabulous 50s Junkpile Jigsaw Puzzle By Artist Dale Klee Makes For A Great Addition To Any Room Décor. Whether A Puzzle Enthusiast Or An Auto Enthusiast, You Are Sure To Enjoy This 50’S Traditional Auto Puzzle. Hang It In The Game Room, Workshop, Garage Or Bar For An Opportunity To Brag About Your Mad Puzzle Skills. Or, If You Choose Not To Hang It, The 10 X 8 X 2.5 Inch Box Will Be Perfect For Keeping All 1000 Pieces In One Place.
  • HISTORY: This Fabulous 50s Junkpile Puzzle Commemorates The “Golden Era” Of The American Automobile Industry. Car Ownership More Than Doubled Within A Decade, Causing An Explosion In The US Auto Industry During This Post World War II Era. Sports Cars Became The New Trend, And V8 Engines And The Race For Higher Horsepower Birthed The Hot Rod And Muscle Car Culture. 1950s Automobiles Are Amongst The Most Beloved Of The Classic American Cars For Their Contemporary Styling Which Featured Tailfins, Chrome Accessories, And Designs Resembling Rockets That Reflect The Dawning Of The Space Age.