Capto Crane MIDI


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Capto Crane MIDI has just got a whole lot better with the addition of stunning new animated lighting that enhances the impact of this already magnificent game. The vivid parallel edge lighting, which gives the game its iconic appearance, can now be set to alternate between five different colours, including Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Pink. Furthermore, the 3D header takes it up a notch by animating each letter, creating a mesmerising gradient lighting effect that is simply stunning. This animated lighting feature makes Capto Crane MIDI an unrivalled prize game at any location.

Capto Crane MIDI is a sensational hit medium-size single-player crane with a contemporary design that draws players’ attention at any venue. Featuring two prize holders with mirrored backs maximizes prize visibility. The front entry allows for easy restocking, and the large prize capacity increases operational efficiency. Furthermore, adjustable controls and reliable mechanical parts makes Capto Crane a perfect addition to any FEC or arcade!

Amp Requirements
Installed Dimension Height
Installed Dimension Length
Installed Dimension Weight
Installed Dimension Width
Power Requirements
110 Volts Standard; 220 Volts on Request

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