Bop It Battle 4 Player


Pay Over Time


Hasbro’s incredibly popular family-friendly game, ‘BOP IT!’ is making its way to arcades as a competitive four-player redemption game. Known for being one of the world’s most successful games, this socially competitive game is sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your location.

BOP IT! Battle by Sega Amusements is a fun and intuitive skill-based redemption game that allows up to four players to battle against each other. The players must perform actions quickly based on voice and visual prompts, and the more actions they get right, the higher the ticket winnings. The game becomes progressively more challenging, testing the player’s hand-eye coordination. Each player competes until the end, and the one with the most correct moves wins. At the end of the game, the winning player has a chance to win a big-ticket bonus, but only if they can beat Bop It! Battle in the electrifying Lightning Round!

Get ready to be dazzled by the stunning centrepiece cabinet that will leave your guests spellbound! It boasts a massive Bop It! controller that appears to be floating above the cabinet, decked out with vibrant lighting, and colourful artwork that runs from top to bottom. BOP IT! Battle is a true masterpiece that’s bound to grab players’ attention on location from all angles.

Amp Requirements
Installed Dimension Height
Installed Dimension Length
Installed Dimension Width
Power Requirements
110 Volts Standard; 220 Volts on Request

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