Aramith Crown Standard Pool Ball Set 2 1/4″


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  • Aramith Crown Standard Belgian Billiard (Pool) Balls. (MADE IN BELGIUM)
  • Standard Pool Ball Size Of 2 1/4 Inches.
  • Aramith Balls Feature:
  • Great Roundness And Balance – Uniform Weight And Hardness – Brilliant Colors – Friction Resistant Roll And Reaction.
  • The Aramith Crown Standard Belgian Billiard Ball Set Features The Quality You’d Expect From Aramith Balls At A Lower Price.
  • This Set Features 15 Regulation Pool Balls And An Aramith Cue Ball.
  • When You Make An Investment In Aramith Balls, You Can Be Assured You Are Getting One Of The Highest Quality Ball Sets On The Market.
  • Aramith Phenolic Balls Last Up To Five Times Longer Than Other Balls Made From Polymers Or Polyester.
  • Billiards Play Simulators Have Shown That Aramith Phenolic Balls Are Still Perfectly Playable Even After 400,000 Hits, Whereas Others Were Rendered Unusable.