American Heritage Victory


The story behind how it was made…

The Victory was artistically created to become an enduring timepiece in life’s journey.

Inspiration for the design was drawn from the magnificent arch of the sun as it sets nightly on the horizon.

As the natural beauty of this event helps wash away the challenges of our day, it also seems to usher in a bit of happiness and perhaps a few moments of reflection on the meaningful purpose of our lives.

Perhaps it is a time to reflect on what to be thankful for; our family, our friends, our health or maybe, it is simply a time to dream a bit.

Sweeping through the bold arch is the artisan-crafted elemental “V”, styled elegantly to foster thoughts of a victory celebration!

Maybe of past fond memories or even just your achievements of that day.

Our hope for the Victory is to inspire as much celebration for life’s moments as we possibly can.

As you reflect on the mixed material architecture of this work of art, remember that it is a piece of entertainment furniture for all to enjoy.

Please note that we have complimented the base styling with hand crafted cabinetry. Cabinetry that has been artisan-molded and hand-fit to bring back to life what was once a great creation of Mother Nature. The wood we have used is Forest Stewardship Council approved-(FSC), an organization established to promote responsible management of the world’s forests.

This work of art has brought to life a rich finish color created to inspire peaceful thoughts of the ocean’s waves lapping upon the shore.

It’s time for you to start planning your very next gathering to launch more of your own timeless memories with your family and friends.

The Victory Pool Table will charm visitors with a unique look for interiors from informal to upscale. A sturdy steel undercarriage is bent to elegant deco curves without compromising steadiness. This table is shown with elegant Ocean finished Poplar on rails, blinds and panels to make an understated and elegant centerpiece in any room. The play field is covered in black felt and features hand-crafted leather drop pockets and round inset sights to properly accent the piece

The American Heritage Victory includes 1″ certified slate and Teflon-coated felt for tournament-quality pool table play. The Victory comes complete with an accessory package that includes all of the essential pool table accessories, plus more!

Victory Pool Table Features:
•    Solid Poplar hardwood construction with an Ocean finish
•    Six oversized beams are utilized to create the structural frame for this masterpiece. These cross-laminated beams interlock together which prevents warping and twisting.
•    1″, three-piece certified slate
•    Black, Teflon-coated spill-resistant felt
•    Decorative poplar hardwood rails with custom metal bolt sights
•    Unique internal leather drop-in pockets
•    Constructed to exceed BCA Tournament specifications

Victory Pool Table Dimensions:
•    Playing surface dimensions: 44″ W x 88″ L
•    Outside dimensions: 54.75″ W x 99″ L x 31.5″ H
•    Approximate shipping weight is 950 lbs.