Pool Table Slate Crating in Maine

When you need to move, a pool table can be a tricky item to transport. However, with the right tools and people, you can safely move the table to wherever it needs to go. Part of the process is pool table slate crating. That’s where Maine Home Recreation comes in.

What Is the Importance of Pool Table Slate Crating?

Most high-end pool tables are made of slate, which is good for its durability, water resistance, and smoothness. However, slate can be heavy and thick, which makes it hard for movers to safely move the pool table. Additionally, pool slate tables can be an investment, so taking the proper precautions in moving can protect your pool table from damage and repair costs.

Crating is an effective tool in moving pool tables. Movers often disassemble pool tables and need to move the slate portion with care. They can do so with custom-made crates.

Maine Home Recreation creates crates for various slate tables of varying sizes and thicknesses. We will look over the table to determine exact measurements, make the custom crate, and crate the slate prior to the moving date so that the movers can move the table with ease.

With pool table slate crating, your pool table will be safe, easy to move, and ready to assemble again once you’ve reached your new home.

Why Choose Us?

Maine Home Recreation is dedicated to treating your pool table with respect. We love everything about pool tables, so we want to ensure that your pool table can go safely and easily where it needs to. With years of experience, we can measure for, create a custom crate for, and deal with slate tables carefully and safely. We also are insured for your protection.

If you want to learn more about our pool table slate crating services, call or text us at 207-740-6135.

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