Pool Table Services, Maine

Pool Table Services, Maine

Also Serving New Hampshire and surrounding areas

If you’re looking for pool table services in Maine or New Hampshire, we are here for you! Maine Home Recreation provides top-quality service on all quality makes, models, and sizes of pool tables at the guaranteed best professional price. Estimates are free and our quotes are guaranteed, what we quote is what you pay. No surprises!

Not really sure what pool table services in Maine you need? No problem. We offer free in-home consultations.
Our knowledge, methods, and high-quality industry-specific tools and materials help make us the best choice for all your pool table service needs.



Maine Home Recreation has the ONLY full-time pool table technicians in the state of Maine. We are also Maine’s ONLY dedicated home game room store!

Lifetime product and service warranties.
Highest quality tables available.
Guaranteed best price.
Get more for your money.
We service all of Maine with no additional mileage charges and no stair fees.
Active retail members of the Billiard Congress of America. -Shane is one of 2 retail representatives on the BCA Board of Directors, had 3 times sat on the BCA membership and marketing committee and has twice been selected as a judge for the Innovative Product of the Year Award and has also served on the BCA Play committee.)

Get your pool table service in Maine done right the first time with Maine Home Recreation. There is a reason that a major manufacturer flies us around the country to install their pool tables and shuffleboards for one of their biggest customers!

Our Best Price Guarantee

We absolutely guarantee that no fully insured professional will properly perform the work that we quote you at a lower cost.
If you do receive a lower quote on any service please provide us with a copy of the quote on their company letterhead with a breakdown of what they are quoting / using for materials as well as their Insurance declaration showing Liability, Workers Compensation and Commercial Vehicle insurance. See our FAQ for why these things are important to you!

Pool Table Appraisals

Whether you are buying a used table, selling a table or need an appraisal for your insurance, Maine Home Recreation can help with 2 kinds of appraisals.

Basic Appraisals

A basic appraisal can be used to tell if you are getting a good deal on a table you are looking at elsewhere or if you are looking to sell your table and want to know where to start. Basic appraisals are always FREE!

A comprehensive appraisal is for higher end or antique tables that you want to have on your homeowners insurance. We will visit your home, do a complete inspection and take photographs of your table. You will then receive a written appraisal for your table to use for your insurance or when selling the table. Pricing varies based on location. For an email appraisal out of area please click the link below and attach pictures. Out of area comprehensive appraisals are $100.

Pool Table Disassembly

Maine Home Recreation provides professional dis assembly services on any size or model  pool table.
Whether you’re moving your slate table into the next room or miles away it is important to dis assemble your table correctly! NEVER attempt to move a 3pc slate table in 1 piece. The list of problems you can and most often will encounter is very long and range cost wise from as much as a professional dis assembly to several times more all the way  to your table needs to go to the dump. Professional dis assembly will save you headaches and money in the long run every time. No 3 pc slate table is designed to move in 1 picee and there is no proper way to perform the task.

Pool Table Slate Crating

Many of the moving and relocation companies we deal with request that pool table slate be crated prior to moving. Although this is not always an ideal way to handle the slate, there is no negative effect to doing it on the customers end. Maine Home Recreation builds crates for all sizes and thicknesses of pool table slate and will be happy to crate the slate at your moving companies request.

Pool Table Moving / Relocation

Moving? Just purchased a used table? Let us do all the lifting! The next room or several states away, Maine Home Recreation has you covered. We work all over Maine and we would be happy to quote you for moves wherever you may travel.
Don’t trust just anyone with your investment, turn to the experienced professionals at Maine Home Recreation. When you hire us for your table move, you can rest assured that it will be done safely and your table will be well cared for every step of the way. We will disassemble, carefully wrap and pack every piece of your table and all of your accessories, safely transport it all to its new home and reassemble it for you with or without new cloth all at the guaranteed best professional price.

Pool Table Assembly

Assembly is by far the most important part of any table move. It affects the way the table looks, plays, the tables value, the life of all table components, cloth and in some cases the warranty. At Maine Home Recreation we have experience with every type of table out there, so you can be confident that the job will be done right the first time! That is why we offer the only lifetime installation warranty in New England!
We assemble pool tables all across Maine and New Hampshire.

Pool Table Storage

Whether you’re moving and need a little time or you found the perfect deal but just don’t have the room ready yet, no worries.  Your table will be safely stored at our facility until you are ready for it!  Rates will vary based on the duration of the storage.

Pool Table Refelting

Color fading? Diminished playability, bald spots, rips, or stains? New room color?
No matter the reason or where you are in Maine you can turn to us to help. We offer the most complete service during a refelting of any other company and we guarantee it. When you choose Maine Home Recreation for your re cloth you get top-quality fabric. We will re-wax and level your slate seams as needed, tighten your rail receivers and inspect all of your rail and pocket hardware replacing anything that is in need. We make sure to pull all of the staples from the previous coverings, fix any part of the slate backing that may be deteriorated, and scrape and wash your slate all before putting down the new bed cloth. Your refelting also includes the rail cloth, which should always be done at the same time. While covering your rails we will inspect them for damage, proper rubber adhesion, feather strip condition, and fit, correcting any issues we come across. Deteriorated/hardened rubber is not covered in a normal re-cloth but replacement of rubber is a service we offer.

Pool Table Cushion Replacement

Most cushion rubber will never need replacement, but if you find yourself with hardened or deteriorated cushion rubber then there is no one better to trust than Maine Home Recreation. If you’re not sure about the condition of your cushions, give us a call and we’ll give you a few easy ways to test them, or you can take advantage of our free in-home consultation service.

At Maine Home Recreation we take the time to do your cushion rubber right! Our goal is for you to never have to do rubber on your table again.
It starts with high-quality rubber at a reasonable price. From there, our methods of removing the old rubber and facings, surface preparation, and gluing down the new rubber all go the extra mile to make sure the rubber adheres properly and is in the perfect position.
We use a brand new brush to lay very high-quality cement on each set of rails and fresh new razor blades for making all cuts. Each set of rails gets a brand new set of high-quality canvas-backed rubber facings which are stapled and glued before being shaped by hand.
Nobody takes the time we do to make sure your cushions are installed right. Most importantly, we do not cover rails with cloth for 24 hours. Anyone telling you that they do or can do this is NOT a professional, does not know what they are doing, and should not be let near your pool table.

Most of the time we will take your rails back to our shop to re-do the cushions and return a couple of days later to finish your table.

We stock all major profiles of rubber (K55, K66, U56, U23) to make sure your job can be done in the most time-efficient manner possible. As with all of our services, we offer a lifetime warranty on the installation of your cushions and guarantee the best professional price.