Pool Table Refelting in Maine

No matter how careful you are with your pool table, wear and tear are inevitable. The felt on top of the table is the most common spot for wear and frequently gets holes, bald spots, rips, and stains. If your pool table is looking a little worse for wear, contact Maine Home Recreation. We offer professional pool table refelting to give your table a brand new look.

Treat Your Table to the Best

Holes and worn spots can diminish your ability to enjoy the table. Our refelting service can fix any issue because we’ll replace the entire cloth section of the table. We use only the highest quality materials and fabric, so your table will feel amazing when we’re done.

Plus, we don’t just handle the cloth. When you come to us for refelting, we’ll inspect the seams, the rail receivers, and the pocket hardware for damage or wear and replace anything that needs it. We also add a new rail cloth at the same time.

With our refelting service, your pool table will look and feel brand new from end to end. With our years of experience and our pool table technicians, we’re confident we can handle any job you give us. Contact us today at 207-740-6135 to get started.