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Brush your table after each use, do not brush vigorously, just gently. Brush 1 direction only and switch that direction every 3 months or so, brush everything into the corner pockets. You can vacuum out the pockets. DO NOT vacuum your cloth. Not with a brush, not with a flat head, never. Anyone who tells you you can is trying to sell you another cut of cloth well before its time.
When your table is not in use, keep it covered! This protects it from light, pet hair, human hair, dander, dust and even the accidental walk by spills and trips! It also keeps your pets off of the cloth!
Felt cleaner is a great product! A good quality felt cleaner will lift chalk dust out of the cloth and not wet the cloth or leave a residue. We carry a great felt cleaner kit which also comes with a plastic squeegee with a removable / washable micro fiber head.
Ball cleaner is another product that pays for itself. Use this on the Q ball frequently and on the rest of the set a couple times a year. This not only helps maximize your investment in the cloth but in the balls as well.
Another option for Ball Cleaning is to take them to your local pool hall. Most pool halls have a large, professional ball cleaner that cleans and polishes them. The fees for this vary from eat lunch here to about $15.00.
Never put drinks on the table – if you got your cloth from Maine Home Recreation your cloth is likely protected with Teflon, however that does not give you the green light to place drinks on it! Its a precaution that is never meant to be used.
Other things that will directly effect cloth life are using quality chalk and keeping the tips of your cues shaped properly.
Never try to move your 3 pc slate pool table in 1 piece. This is one of the biggest table care NO NO’s. Do not lift it, slide it..anything! Ever! Consult with us if you have a need to move your table even an inch. Moving a table in 1 piece will, 9 out of 10 times cause damage to your table. Never purchase a used table that has been moved in 1 piece without a thorough inspection by a professional.

How to properly remove a cat from
your pool table

This is why you cover your pool table when it is not in use. However if you do happen to find your pet on your table there are a couple things to remember that can help ensure that you don’t cause them to damage the felt. First – Although your first instinct, since you did pay good money for your table, will be to get angry and yell at your pet…DON’T. Pets, especially cats really don’t like surprises and by yelling at them you may cause them to startle, dig in with the rear claws and run. Really not what you want. STAY CALM. Say your pets name calmly and get their attention. Approach slowly and pet them, gain their trust. Then pick them up as you normally would. Crisis averted. Your particular method of discipline at this point is up to you but we suggest covering your table first.