Pool Table Appraisals, Maine

A pool table can be one of the highlights of your home. If you want to appraise yours, then Maine Home Recreation can help. We offer both basic and comprehensive pool table appraisals.

Why Do We Appraise Pool Tables?

You might not think that a pool table needs an appraisal. However, a pool table can be an investment and even an asset, especially if it’s older, high-quality, or rare. The main reasons for a pool table appraisal often include:

  • If a person wants to sell a table: Have you had your pool table for a long time and want to sell? Get an honest analysis of what your pool table is worth so you can offer the right price.
  • If a person wants to buy a table: Have you seen a pool table listed for sale? Ensure you’re getting a good deal with our pool appraisal services.
  • If a person wants to insure a table: Some pool tables are insurable under your homeowners insurance. If you want to include yours on your policy, then we can provide a correct appraisal for coverage.

Whatever reason you need to appraise your pool table, rely on Maine Home Recreation.

What Appraisal Services Do We Offer?

We offer two appraisals: basic and comprehensive.

Basic appraisals are free and usually recommended for people who want to buy or sell a pool table.

Comprehensive tables are for people who want to insure their pool table. With comprehensive appraisals, we can look over the pool table and write an appraisal for your insurance company. Comprehensive appraisals are best for vintage or high-quality pool tables. We charge for comprehensive appraisals based on where you are, though the base price for out-of-area appraisals is $100.

We also do appraisals over email.

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If you want to learn more or appraise your pool table, please call or text us at 207-740-6135.