Home Bar or Wine and Spirits Cabinet: What Should you Choose?

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Do you want to add a home bar to your entertainment space? Whatever type of alcohol or spirits you and your friends enjoy, the right setup will enhance the fun and flexibility. But should you add a full bar? Or do you need just a wine and spirits cabinet? Or should you include both? Here’s what you need to know about both these great options and why they each might work in your home.

Why Install a Wine and Spirits Cabinet?

A wine and spirits cabinet, also known as a liquor cabinet, is a specialty furnishing designed solely to house your spirits collection. Its main component is shelving for bottles and cocktail ingredients, although most cabinets also have designated storage for glassware and mixing tools. Today’s buyer will find a wide array of styles, sizes, shapes, and colors to fit any household or rec room theme.

The compact layout of a liquor cabinet makes it popular for those whose rec spaces aren’t as large as they’d like. If your game room has limited floor space, a cabinet can provide plenty of spirits for parties while taking up minimal room and attention. Additionally, cabinets are inherently designed to protect your little ones from the liquor locked away inside.

On a budget? Just starting out as a bartender? Your liquor cabinet can grow with you at your own pace. When choosing a larger, more permanent bar, you generally must stick with the style you first choose. But wine and spirits cabinets are budget-friendly and more flexible for those who are likely to change their mind later.

Why Install a Full Home Bar?

To install a real home bar, you need more space for larger furnishings. Most bars need more floor space than liquor cabinets because the bartender stands behind it — you cannot place the bar flush against the wall.

But if you have the room to work with, a full bar provides a centerpiece and draws attention in a way no cabinet can. Combine it with pub tables and seating, and your bar will be the envy of your friends.

You can make your bar as large as you want, and you might include things like a cleanup sink, larger refrigeration for wine storage, a dedicated freezer for ice, additional storage for supplies and tools, and seating. It’s often easier to add kegs to a bar rather than a stand-alone cabinet, and a bar is designed to better withstand the mess and liquid involved in bartending.

Why Install Both?

If you have the budget and the space, consider getting the best of both worlds by installing both.

The liquor cabinet’s dedicated storage provides room for bottles, which lets you either build a larger collection or choose a bar style based less on practicality than on aesthetics. You may also find that having both types of bar storage — and the related workspace — means more than one bartender can work a small space, speeding up mixing during large parties.

Some homeowners use a wine and spirits cabinet as a more mobile, miniature version of their bar. Place it elsewhere in the home — such as the dining room or living room — to augment the full bar. The smaller footprint and ability to blend into its environment means your cabinet can go anywhere.

Where to Start

No matter what your priorities are — whether it’s budget, size, flexibility, or amenities — the best place to begin your decision-making is by visiting the inventory at Maine Home Recreation. We carry a wide selection of bars, tables, cabinets, and accessories for any home recreation area. Stop by or tour our online inventory today to learn more.

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