Frequently Asked Questions

What does MAP mean?

MAP is a Minimum Advertised Price. Typically set by a manufacturer to even the playing field between retailers and their online no overhead competition and to build value to their product

Why is hiring someone fully insured a big deal?

Making sure you hire a fully insured professional is actually a really big deal! And each different kind of insurance has its own important points.

General Liability – Protects your home and your table from damages caused by the installers, and although almost everyone in this business is relatively careful, accidents happen.

Commercial Auto – If the company or individual is using their vehicle commercially and do not have it insured commercially then your property, or your table will not be covered if they get into an accident…that is why there is a difference in insurance.

Workers Compensation – The most important to you and the one that is most often not held by “companies” – Workers comp covers the physical persons working in your home. If they were to get injured on your property workers compensation insurance covers their injury. If the service you hire does not carry workers compensation insurance, then the liability falls on you, the homeowner to cover their injury as you are technically their “employer” at that point, for legal reasons…no homeowners insurance policy covers persons working for pay on your property.

I asked the guy for the information you requested for your price guarantee and he said that would be a big hassle and that he had a website so he was a fully insured professional.

First of all, saying that sending the required information is a hassle is a good indication that they do not have it. Second, If requested and I am in my office, a customer will have scans of both items I request in less than 5 min. And finally, a website does not mean you are a professional, it means you have a website.

What size is a regulation size pool table?

There is a lot of terminology that goes with this and more information can be found in our Pool Table U section, but the short answer is any table where the play surface length is twice that of the width and the play surface height is between 29 1/4” and 31” from the floor is a regulation table.

How much room do I need for a pool table?

Please refer to our Room Size Chart.

Do you always have to replace the cloth when you move a pool table?

Not necessarily. If the cloth is still in good condition and was installed properly then it can be re-used. We will note however that doing a re-cloth at the time of a move is less expensive than doing it down the road.

Can I vacuum my pool table?

NO. Do not vacuum your cloth. This will stretch it out and cause it to need replacement sooner. For information about what you should do to properly care for your table please visit our section on Table Care.

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