Cushion Replacement

Most cushion rubber will never need replacement, but if you find yourself with hardened or Pro_Am_Cushion, pool table rubber repalcement, used pool tables Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts re cloth pool table, deteriorated cushion rubber then there is no one better to trust than Maine Home Recreation. If you're not sure about the condition of your cushions, give us a call and we'll give you a few easy ways to test them, or you can take advantage of our free in home consultation service. rubber pool tableCushion replacement is by far the most hacked of all the pool table repair services and really should only be done by professionals. We have encountered rubber that has been done with tape, staples, elmers glue, put on upside down, clothed over too quickly or even had the totally wrong profile of rubber used. It happens all too often, but if you let us take care of it, it wont happen to you.   At Maine Home Recreation we take the time to do your cushion rubber right ! tourrubber, rail rubber, cushion rubber, pool table rails, re cloth pool table, pool table bumpers, used pool tables maine, used pool tables New hampshire, used pool tables Rhode Island, Connelly, Olhausen, Brunswick, American Heritage, DrwaknifeIt starts with high quality rubber at a reasonable price. There are less expensive products out there but you get what you pay for. Our goal is for you to never have to re rubber your table again, and with our products and proper care that should absolutely be the outcome. Our methods of removing the old rubber and facings, surface preparation, and gluing down the new rubber all go the extra mile to make sure the rubber adheres properly and in the perfect position. We use a brand new brush to lay the cement on each set of rails, a very high quality cement and fresh new razorblades for making the cuts in the pockets. Each set of rails we do gets a brand new set of high quality, canvas backed rubber pocket facings which are stapled and glued before being cut and shaped by hand. Nobody takes the time we do to make sure your cushions are installed right. Most importantly, we do not cover rails with cloth for 24 hours. Anyone telling you that they do or can do this is NOT a professional, does not know what they are doing and should not be let near your pool table. Most of the time we will take your rails back to our shop to re-do the cushions and return a couple days later to finish your table. A slight inconvenience to you yes, but a small price for getting the job done right. Also, beware of someone only wanting to change 1 or 2 of your cushions. This is also not professional. If the rubber on a couple cushions is bad then 99% of the time it is because of faulty rubber. There are a few different types / brands of rubber, some on very high end name Mercury_Cushion, used pool tables maine, used pool tables northeast, used pool tables new england, re colth pool table maine, pool table service mainebrand tables that are known for being defective. Often times we will see that someone has a mix matched set of rubber when we go to do a re cloth and what do you know, the rubber that was not changed is now deteriorated as well. This should have been done right the first time! Under very very rare circumstances, if it is conclusively determined by us that the rubber has gone due to an environmental condition we may only change a single piece only if we can get the identical brand rubber, and even still we will recommend the complete job for the sake of playability and doing the job right. We stock all major profiles of rubber (K55, K66, U56, U23) to make sure your job can be done in the most time K66, K55, cushion rubber, re cloth pool table Maine, used pool tables maine,nh, ma,ny, nyc, ri, vt, ct, foxwoods, poker, craps, connelly, olhausen, brunswick billiardsefficient manner possible. k55 rail rubber, pool table cushions, used pool tables maine, new hampshire pool table service   As with all of our services, we offer a lifetime warranty on the installation of our cushions and guarantee the best professional price.

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