Whether you are buying a used table, selling a table or need an appraisal for your insurance, Maine Home Recreation can help with 2 kinds of appraisals.used olhausen pool tables, olhausen eclipse

Basic Appraisals  - A basic appraisal can be used to tell if you are getting a good deal on a table you are looking at elsewhere or if you are looking to sell your table and want to know where to start. Basic appraisals are free and can be done over the phone, by email or even in person if we are in the area. Our product review page also gives approximate values for many brands of tables and can be a valuable tool for you as well.

Comprehensive Appraisal - A comprehensive appraisal is for higher end or antique tables that you want to have on your homeowners insurance. We will visit your home, do a complete inspection and take photographs of your table. You will then receive a written appraisal for your table to use for your insurance or when selling the table.

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