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Whether you are buying a used table, selling a table or need an appraisal for your insurance, Maine Home Recreation can help with 2 kinds of appraisals.

Basic Appraisals  - A basic appraisal can be used to tell if you are getting a good deal on a table you are looking at elsewhere or if you are looking to sell your table and want to know where to start. Basic appraisals are free and can be done over the phone, by email or even in person if we are in the area.

Comprehensive Appraisal - A comprehensive appraisal is for higher end or antique tables that you want to have on your homeowners insurance. We will visit your home, do a complete inspection and take photographs of your table. You will then receive a written appraisal for your table to use for your insurance or when selling the table.

Dis assembly 

 Maine Home Recreation provides professional dis assembly services on any size or model dis2pool table. Whether you're moving your slate table into the next room or miles away it is important to dis assemble your table correctly! NEVER attempt to move a 3pc slate table in 1 piece. The list of problems you can and most often will encounter is very long and range cost wise from as much as a professional dis assembly to several times more all the way dis6to your table needs to go to the dump. Professional dis assembly will save you headaches and money in the long run every time. For those who insist on giving it a go, see our D.I.Y section for helpful advice.


 Many of the moving and relocation companies we deal with request that pool table slate be crated prior to moving. Although this is not always an ideal way to handle the slate, there is no negative effect to doing it on the customers end. Maine Home Recreation builds crates for all sizes and thicknesses of pool table slate and will be happy to crate the slate at your moving companies request.


 The next room or several states away, Maine Home Recreation has you covered. We work all over New England and into Eastern NY and NYC, and we would be happy to quote you for moves wherever you may travel. When you hire Maine Home Recreation for your table move, you can rest assure that it will be done safely and your table will be well cared for every step of the way.


8' drawknife pool table, used rustic log pool table

8' Drawknife assembled in Pittston, ME

Moved from away? Ordered online? Did a D.I.Y dis assembly and move? Whatever the situation, we have you covered! Assembly is by far the most important part of any table move. It affects the way the table looks, the way the table plays, the tables value, the life of all table components, cloth and in some cases the warranty. At Maine Home Recreation we have experience with every type of table out there, so you can be confident that the job  will be done right the first time! That is why we offer the only lifetime installation warranty in New England!


Example of a relocation job we have done. We move tables all across New England!

Moving? Just purchased a used table? Let us do all the lifting! We offer complete relocation services covering dis assembly, moving and re assembly, with or without new cloth! Don't trust just anyone with your investment, turn to the experienced professionals at Maine Home Recreation. We will disassemble, carefully wrap and pack every piece of your table and all of your accessories, safely transport it all to its new home and re assemble it for you all at the guaranteed best professional price!


Whether you're moving and need a little time or you found the perfect deal but just don't have the room ready yet, no worries. If you are using Maine Home Recreation for your pool table service then the storage is FREE !!

Re Cloth

Is it that time? Color fading, diminished play ability, bald spots, rips or stains? New room color? No matter the reason you can turn to us to help. We offer the most complete service during a re cloth of any other company and we guarantee it.pool table accessories When you choose Maine Home Recreation for your re cloth you get top quality fabric, no low grade pool table cloth here. We will re-wax and level your slate seams as needed, tighten your rail receivers and inspect all of your rail and pocket hardware replacing anything that is in need. We make sure to pull all of the staples from the previous coverings, fix any part of the slate backing that may be deteriorated and scrape and wash your slate all before putting down the new bed cloth. Your re cloth also includes the rail cloth, which should always be done at the same time. While covering your rails we will inspect them for damage, proper rubber adhesion, feather strip condition and fit, correcting any issues we come across. Deteriorated / hardened rubber is not covered in a normal re-cloth but replacement of rubber is a service we offer. To view our color chart click Here.

Cushion Replacement

Most cushion rubber will never need replacement, but if you find yourself with hardened or deteriorated cushion rubber then there is no one better to trust than Maine Home Recreation. If you're not sure about the condition of your cushions, give us a call and we'll give you a few easy ways to test them, or you can take advantage of our free in home consultation service. rubber pool tableCushion replacement is by far the most hacked of all the pool table repair services and really should only be done by professionals. We have encountered rubber that has been done with tape, staples, elmers glue, put on upside down, clothed over too quickly or even had the totally wrong profile of rubber used. It happens all too often, but if you let us take care of it, it wont happen to you. At Maine Home Recreation we take the time to do your cushion rubber right ! It starts with high quality rubber at a reasonable price. Yes there are less expensive products out there but you get what you pay for. Our goal is for you to never have to do rubber on your table again, and with our products and proper care that should absolutely be the outcome. Our methods of removing the old rubber and facings, surface preparation, and gluing down the new rubber all go the extra mile to make sure the rubber adheres properly and in the perfect position. We use a brand new brush to lay the cement on each set of rails, a very high quality cement and fresh new razorblades for making the cuts in the pockets. Each set of rails we do gets a brand new set of high quality, canvas backed rubber pocket facings which are stapled and glued before being cut and shaped by hand. Nobody takes the time we do to make sure your cushions are installed right. Most importantly, we do not cover rails with cloth for 24 hours. Anyone telling you that they do or can do this is NOT a professional, does not know what they are doing and should not be let near your pool table. Most of the time we will take your rails back to our shop to re-do the cushions and return a couple days later to finish your table. A slight inconvenience to you yes, but a small price for getting the job done right. Also, beware of someone only wanting to change 1 or 2 of your cushions. This is also not professional. If the rubber on a couple cushions is bad then 99% of the time it is because of faulty rubber. There are a few different types / brands of rubber, some on very high end name brand tables that are known for being defective. Often times we will see that someone has a mix matched set of rubber when we go to do a re cloth and what do you know, the rubber artemisthat was not changed is now deteriorated as well. This should have been done right the first time! Under very very rare circumstances, if it is conclusively determined by us that the rubber has gone due to an environmental condition we may only change a single piece only if we can get the identical brand rubber, and even still we will recommend the complete job for the sake of playability and doing the job right. We stock all major profiles of rubber to make sure your job can be done in the most time efficient manner possible. As with all of our services, we offer a lifetime warranty on the installation of our cushions and guarantee the best professional price.

Doing it Right

As the saying goes there is more than one way to skin a cat.In the case of pool table service there are many ways to do certain tasks. Some practices are not professional and can damage your pool table as well as cause them to play poorly or wear out prematurely. Other practices can be done many ways and still be right despite what other companies claim.

When you hire Maine Home Recreation for your pool table services you can rest easy knowing  the job will be done right.

Below is a list of some of the things that will get always get installers arguing.

To use Bees wax or rock hard putty on the slate seams? This is a no brainer and the correct method is Bees Wax. We have seen almost everything imaginable used on seams. Duct tape, scotch tape, candle wax, Elmers glue you name it, and all of that is actually better for your table than rock hard putty. Rock hard putty for 1 you will never get a proper spread, 2 it gets into the pores in the slate sometimes causing the slate to break when you try to take it apart, 3 if used in screw holes the water in the mixture gets into the metal of the screws causing it to rust, It also turns brittle, can break in pieces and you will feel lumps under your cloth.

There is however a right and wrong way to apply the bees wax. Funny enough, some of our competition posted a picture of wax being laid down claiming wax was the "right way" yet the picture clearly shows them putting it down the "wrong way".

Flat shims or wedges for the slate?  The answer is either one. If installed properly, both flat shims or wedges are acceptable. Some of our competition speak very ill of wedges on their websites claiming they fall out over time. Our answer to that is not if they are installed properly. Of course that company with their flat shims guarantees their installs for 60 days....we guarantee ours for life. Guess we will let you the consumer decide.

For more examples of how things are sometimes overlooked, even by "professionals" see our Hack Jobs section.

Hack Jobs

This may not be an obvious hack but if you look carefully between the rail cloth and the wood you will see a strip of black. This is called a feather strip and is supposed to be hidden under the cloth.       This happens all too often, people try to take the legs off a table and either set it down or tip it on its side. This always damages something and most often times costs a customer more than a professional dis assembly would have. 3 Piece slate pool tables cannot be moved in 1 piece .             used pool table     The Installer of this table not only used staples to hold the pockets up but push pins as well! Pockets should be screwed on, not stapled. Staples ruin the leather.They should also be sure to use screws with a large head, not sheet rock screws and also make sure the screws are not longer than the backing of the slate. We run into this so ruin pockets!! Why not take an extra minute and do the job right?
the staple went right through this leather finger.

the staple went right through this leather finger.

To the hackers - This is called a leather hole punch

To the hackers - This is called a leather hole punch

And this is how you use a leather punch....

And this is how you use a leather punch....

Look, a nice hole to put a screw through without damaging the leather or having it spin on you!

Look, a nice hole to put a screw through without damaging the leather or having it spin on you!

  Below are more mistakes with feather strips.... The installer on the left used the right feather strip but forgot, or did not know, to trim the excess cloth off before covering the rails. Not sure I would call the person who did the rail on the right an "installer"...Pencils? Really?           hack8In the picture at right the installer made several mistakes. First, he didn't trim the excess cloth from in front of the feather strip leaving a bump in the top of the rail. Next, they used wood filler.....which is far too brittle for use in this application, also causing bumps. And as you can see from the piece of wood filler stuck to the cloth he didn't bother to wait til it was dry before putting the cloth on. And don't worry, just getting started with this guys hacks. hack6 At left is a corner pocket with a fold in it. Not knowing how to pull a corner pocket baffles me. Anyone ever looking at a pool table knows there is not a fold here but a smooth surface. The broken piece of wood in the picture is not a hack actually but something very common on commercial tables I will likely write on this in another section of the website.   hack   Same rails as above...partial credit here, side pockets DO get folded. However they should not be folded inside the pocket. This is one of the most common hacks we see. A fold inside the pocket can interfere with the ball therefore is not the proper way or place to make this fold. Some "professional" installers do this because it is easier and faster. hack12 If the inside front fold does not bother me enough, this one totally has me thrown for a loop. First they trimmed the cloth wrong then tried to compensate with this hack. And they only made this kind of fold once. "one of these things is not like the others..." If you make a mistake trimming the cloth here, pull the feather strip and try to get some more stretch or just rip a new rail cloth and start over. hack2   Fact of life, rubber does come unglued occasionally. Age, someone putting a lot of weight in one spot (like sitting on the table), it happens. But natural causes were not to blame here....This was brand new, recently installed rubber. A good eye (maybe a better picture) and you can see some of the old rubber still stuck to the wood......   hack11 Ahh yes...some of the old rubber and all the old glue. This new rubber never had a chance. As I state in our re rubber and new cushion sections cushion replacement is the worst hacked pool table service. Not properly preparing the surface leads to the rubber coming off, not being strait and playing poorly. This pool table hacker really took shortcuts here.   hack3 Fast forward a half hour....after block planing and sanding the surface is properly prepped. This picture really does not do justice to the size of the pile of crap we had to take off these rails to properly prepare them for gluing new rubber on but it was significant, and we had to do it on every rail. Hackers take shortcuts. And although their services are cheaper, you get what you pay for.   For more examples of Hackers and Non Professionals visit our blog. =======================================================


Although pool table service is somewhat of an art and really should be done by trained professionals with proper, industry specific tools, there will always be a percentage of people who insist on giving it a go themselves.

Maine Home Recreation has everything you need to D.I.Y. If it goes to a table or is necessary in its construction then we have it for you. While most companies wont even talk to you about doing your own table, we are  happy to give you information on whatever pool table chore you are tackling to help ensure that the money you are trying to save does not turn into more money spent.

Our Best Price Guarantee

We absolutely guarantee that no fully insured professional will properly perform the work that we quote you at a lower cost. If you do receive a lower quote on any service please provide us with a copy of the quote on their company letterhead with a breakdown of what they are quoting / using for materials as well as their Insurance declaration showing Liability, Workers Compensation and Commercial Vehicle insurance. See our F.A.Q Page for why these things are important to you !