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Nobody in New England finds more used pool tables homes than Maine Home Recreation. We guarantee every table we sell to be priced below actual value, and all of our services come with a best professional price guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

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Shopping for a used table can be a hard process, especially if you have a lot of questions. Knowing who to trust is key! One thing our customers always tell us is that they called several people and that we were the only ones who took the time to educate them about tables.

We are more than happy to educate. We have several valuable resources available on our website from our Pool Table U section to our Product Reviews and F.A.Q page. or you can email us or just give us a call. We will be more than happy to answer any questions about tables, services, brands or any other questions you may have!

We do not represent any brands exclusively so we are able to provide you with real information about whatever you may be looking at. No sugar coating here, just strait up honest facts.

Don't be tricked by other services that just want your money. At Maine Home Recreation we will tell you if the used table you have found is really a good deal. This service is FREE. We stop several people a week from overpaying for a pool table. Our Table Finder service is also FREE ! Take all the headaches out of used table buying and let us do the work. Don't be one of the dozens of people a year that buy a table before calling and overpay for something they should not have bought in the first place!


Room dimensions for a standard 57" cue.

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There are as many myths about pool tables as there are facts. What construction methods are better?, what kind of slate is better?, who has the best rails?, which brands are superior? In this section we will try to provide some education and some insight to help you become a more knowledgeable consumer and lessen the chances that you make a bad or costly mistake in your table purchasing.


Our Product Review page has comprehensive reviews of all major table brands.


Most people will say that Italian Slate is the best slate on the market. Italian slate is a great product used by several top manufacturers and is quite possibly the most popular type of slate on the market. The Italians banded together under the name OIS (original Italian Slate) and have done a wonderful job in the promotion of their product. When dealing with a quality pool table manufacturer you wont loose with Italian slate. However do not make your purchasing decision based on the origin of the slate used. Brazil is the other major player in the slate game. Not as well advertised as the Italian slate, Brazilian slate is also a quality product. It is slightly lighter in color than Italian slate and several studies have actually found it to be a more dense stone. From personal experience carrying both types, Brazilian slate is heavier per piece than any other type. Many antique tables made in America used slate mined in Vermont. Also a high quality product. As for modern style tables stick to Italian or Brazilian slate. Slate from other parts of the world is not pool table quality. Also stick to quality brands of pool tables. Just because it is an Italian slate does not mean its a first quality piece. As with any type of product there are second run slates. These slates do not pass quality standards to be used on higher quality brands but pass for the lesser quality tables. These slates have fracture points, hollow spots, warps and some tend to flake away just from the heat used to set the wax in the seams. A good way to tell if you are getting a first quality slate on your table is to ask the salesman if the slate on the table is diamond honed, matched, registered slate. This means the slate is properly finished and the set you get was mined from the earth and cut just as you see it on your pool table. Higher quality products will come with a backed slate. Backed slate means that a wood backing has been adhered around the edges of your slate. This backing allows for your cloth to be stapled down as opposed to glued down, reduces noise and also aids in the shimming process. It will either be an mdf product or hard wood, usually poplar. Many companies offer hard wood as an "upgrade". Do not fall for this, as mdf is actually a superior slate backing. It is a more flat and true surface and is not affected by moisture unless directly submerged, where the hard wood is not physically able to be as flat and can be affected by moisture in the air causing your slate to shift. Note: This does not just "happen" in a humid or even wet basement area, this concern really comes into play in case of flooding. I have actually had to total tables during insurance estimates because the slate backing warped due to too much moisture absorbed into it making re-leveling near impossible. Some manufactures have gone to making a  backing that attaches to the table in 1 piece that the slate screws too allowing for stapling however that is a good sign of a lower end, non quality, poorly constructed table.This type of backing is weak and makes for a near impossible leveling job. One myth is that the wood backing keeps the slate true. This is absolutely false. Also fairly ridiculous when you really think about it.

Rails and Cushion Rubber

If you purchase a quality table, then your rails will be sufficient. The only real market exception to this in terms of getting a better quality rail would be to jump up to the Connelly Rapid Rail which is a 4 bolt rail system as opposed to a 3 bolt system utilized by other manufacturers. For most people, a quality table with a 3 bolt rail is sufficient.

Cushion rubber is a much more open subject.

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Don't see what you're looking for below? Have no fear, we will be happy to locate exactly what you are looking for for you. With our coverage area of 6 states and part of a 7th as well as our network of dealers, we are the best choice when it comes to finding exactly what you want in a pool table or any other game room piece.


We have several used tables currently available!!  Our inventory changes daily so check back often or contact us and let us know what you're looking for!

 So... posting pictures on this webpage, in any sort of cohesive fashion, has proven to be very difficult. As fast as our inventory changes it can be a real pain. However, posting it to our Facebook page is quick and easy! Please check out the "Current Used Inventory" album on our Facebook page which you can access by clicking HERE. If you cannot access Facebook drop us an email and we can send you pictures and pricing of anything you would like!



 Maine Home Recreation buys all types of game tables and slate pool tables. There are 3 ways we can sell your table:

pool table new england                                  1. Purchase

Purchase – We offer full used value for any slate pool table! Since we sell more used tables than anyone in New England, we know the market and can offer you top dollar!                          2. In Home Consignment Tell us what you've got, send us some pictures, in many cases we will visit your home personally to inspect the table. We will give you a complete analysis of what you have and will list it for you on our website and other forms of media that we use. We handle the emails, calls and all dealings with the buyers! This service is completely free to you, all we make on these transactions is the moving fees!

       3. Consignment with removal

Same principals of the In Home but in this case we will come and get your table free of charge and cut you a check when the table sells. We guarantee a sale and we guarantee the amount of money you will receive! BEWARE of other companies who consign with removal!!  They will promise you a higher dollar to get your table and call you days later with some story or other about why the price needs to be lowered. Don't be scammed.
  • We also buy all other gaming tables with the same principals!
  • No matter what your selling needs are Maine Home Recreation is there for you every step of the way!

    How to sell us your pool table

    If you are looking to sell us your pool table you can use the contact form on this web page. Send us the size, brand and age of the table. If there is no brand name on it tell us where you purchased it. We can sometimes identify it from that. Try to include a couple pictures of the table. Get us a picture that shows the whole table. Do not send us a picture like the one below..... all pool tables look similar from this angle and we know what that looks like. dumbThe picture above is not helpful.

    The picture below would be very helpful.

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