Shuffleboard Maintenance

Caring for your Shuffleboard table.

Either you've made the decision to become a shuffler or you've been a shuffler for years! We at Maine Home Recreation are shufflers too, a 14' Champion Gentry sits in our home. Care and Maintenance of your table are very important to its play ability and long life. At Maine Home Recreation we have Maine's largest variety and supply of Shuffleboard products! From all speeds of wax to care products and supplies we have you covered!

All of the care and maintenance items below are available for immediate purchase or shipping!


m1Combination Liquid Cleaner & Polish Combination removes the grit and grime from the pores of your board.

m2De Lux Paste Wax Paste Wax fills any scratches or cracks in finish of your board. Recommended usage is once every other month.

m3Master Glaze Master Glaze will add a protective coating which allows for an exciting playing field on your board.

m4Spray Cleaner May be used as needed, depending on play frequency. Its purpose is to quickly remove dirt and grime from the play surface.

  Silicone Spraym5 Silicone Spray acts as an assistant to the shuffleboard powder. A light coat helps eliminate tracking, saves on powder and adds a punch of excitement to the game. This spray is specifically designed for shuffleboard tables. A must have for any player! Shuffleboard Maintenance Kitm6 Includes all necessary items to keep your suffleboard in like-new condition (when used as directed). Step-by-step instruction sheet included. Spray Cleaner (19 0z.), Combination Liquid Cleaner & Polish (1 qt.), Master Glaze (1 qt.) , Paste Wax (1 lb.) sunglo